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Monday, February 25, 2008

I know, I know. I'm a slacker---Catch up number 2

S0 I honestly thought that after Christmas break I'd start doing this weekly again but that didn't happen. I guess I'll start with Christmas then. I got a new camera!! So I have all these pictures to share now.

Jessica (my roommate holding the broomstick) and I stayed up for a few hours one night thinking of the pranks we could do to make things more fun cause school was getting hard. So, we started doing this prank. We came up the idea from something that was done to us on of the first weeks of school. I was just sitting on my bed one night and I heard something run into my window. Since I'm on the second floor I thought that was weird so I pulled up my blinds to find a scary Halloween mask floating in the air. It most definitely freaked me out...I think I may have even jumped and let out a little scream.
We do not have Halloween masks so we decided to scare people with their own faces. We find bad picture of someone, blow up their face, and attached it to a broom stick. Then , you connect that broom stick to another broom stick so it can reach the second floor windows. At about one or two in the morning, you go out and run their heads into their window and wait for their reaction. These two faces were our second set of the night cause our first two were sleeping and we didn't want to wake them up. Sara (the one on the left) has had the best reaction out of everyone we have done so far.

Here is me testing out my camera...and my new coat which I wear all the time. Thanks mom!!Shortly after getting back to provo, I was already doing homework. Every once in awhile I take a brake and put on my lion ears.
This is Rachel and Carla when we went sledding. We thought we'd try out saran wrapping each other to see if we went further. It surprisingly worked really well!

Kim and Michelle really hit it off.

When Michelle was here, we went to visit Jaime and this her new addition to the family- Truly Ai Turner.

Erin, Michelle, and I went snowboarding at Sundance.

Michelle made my room a mess...with attitude.

Its been a good semester so far and having Michelle here was so much fun!! If you're lucky I'll update again on Sunday.