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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Back in Utah!!

I got to Utah the last week of august, in time to move in most my things and set up for school. Luckily Logan had bought most of my books. To celebrate my birthday, I went to Lehi where Lani and Scott were staying and we had dinner with Erin, Ryan, and Logan. It was so good to see them!!

This is the best picture I got on my way to Lehi.

I got to baby Jacob for the first time. He is sooo cute!!

Andrew just loves Ryan so much, aren't they cute together?

Logan is trying to stay up top for favorite uncle...I kinda think Ryan is winning though.

Yes, that is the pink panther series. Eden and Andrew were pretty much addicted.

Eden drew this for me for my birthday...notice the many hearts around my head? And don't the miss the beautiful spelling :) I most definitely have this hanging on my fridge.

Me blowing my candles out with Eden and Andrew

Here are some pics from the end of the summer. This is me after my last day of work...I was so happy!!

I'm not sure if you can see him, but the guy sitting in the back hoe is Kenny who I mention in my last post.

I figured mom still hasn't gotten her blog up and running so I took the liberty of posting this wonderful picture. For those of you who are unaware, she tore her lateral and medial meniscus. This is especially cool because just today I learned all about the lower muscles, including the meniscus and ligaments in the knee. It really must have hurt to tear her meniscus.

Reese passed out next to mom who was recuperating

Auntie Michelle taking good care of Shaun after a big tumble and some stitches.