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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Whitewater Rafting

My singles ward had an amazing Whitewater Rafting trip so I went up the day before with some friends and we camped out in Leavenworth. It was a blast! I know its a bummer, but I didn't get any pictures of the actual rafting.

Beautiful Washington!

Leavenworth is a special little town with signs like this and buildings that look fake.

Our caravan. Tricia following Chase ahead.

Here is Loganm Chase, Ryan, Tricia, and Elizabeth. We're all getting sunblocked up for the 100 plus degree weather it was over there. It was SO HOT!!

Here is Nate, Logan, Taylor, Daniella, and Tricia. Notice the wetsuits, Nate an Taylor are quite the characters! Rafting was amazing of course. I got to jump in the freezing river!!

Bren and Elise in Washington

It was so great to see Bren, Elise, Brenna, and Eli. They came right after Robin left and it was really good to have people to play with. The weather wasn't too great except for one nice sunny day but we still had fun!
Family picture minus many people..

Like father like son. Bren and Eli sport that cap nicely!

Michelle and Brenna giving me a Beans up!

My flip flops were just to irresistable to Brenna. I found Brenna in my closet trying on my shoes and wrapping herself in that sleeping bag that is behind her. She announced that she was on her way to school and it was so funny to watch!

Brenna getting some air, what a great dad!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Garnica Visit

I loved having Robin, Shaun, and Reese here earlier this summer. I had to work pretty hard (without showing it) at making friends with Shaun, but it paid off in the end! A little update: He loves me and asks to call me :) Anyways, we had lots of fun playing and heres some of my favorite pictures from their visit. Oh ya, Fred didn't make it out here so that was too bad but we did still have lots of fun!

Yes, I loured him in with my cinnamon rolls...but hey it worked!

Reese wants to be just like Logan..or is it the other way around??? haha

Reese is so cute!!

Shaun and I spend some quality time together in the Burger King Play house :)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Hello Seattle!

I never really did appreciate Seattle until I was away from it for so long. So, Elizabeth and I went to Pikes Place together to have fun looking around.

This is my favorite view of Seattle from the top of Somerset Hill. My dad pointed it out to me cause he sometimes goes up there on his walks.

Yes. One of the first things we saw at Pikes Place. Quality book, I'm sure.

There were a lot of tulips and fresh fruit walking through.

Attention: This is a real fish, not plastic like you'd think. The fish people attached a rope to the tail so when people walked up to it they would pull on the rope and freak people out. And yes, I did touch it to see if it was really real.

Hannah Montana and Jack Sparrow came with us!! Haha, we found these popular life-sized cutouts and just had to pose with them. We look like best friends right??

I'm Home!!!

So with my newly found love pranking at school, i figured why stop when I get home? Michelle always asked me to go with her before I went to college, but I was never really into it. This is the beginning to a great night.

First Stop: Albertsons saran wrap isle.

Tasha, Michelle, and I were quite the team!

Teaching Michelle the ways...shes excited really, just a little scared :)


All Caught up from School :)

Alright. I know I've been a disappointing blogger but now i've got everything from school blogged. Thank you for your patients. I had an amazing time as a freshman, I had even more fun than I anticipated. No worries though, I did alright gradewise. I met some really great people, mostly from my floor and my ward. I also met some great guys through my freshman academy class. Its going to be weird that none of these guys will be there next year, but I'm excited to see all the girls from my floor again in the fall. This fall I will be living on the third floor in the Riviera with five friends from my floor. Diana is my roommate, Alison and Anne are roommates, and Kim and Elizabeth are roommates. I am really excited to get back to school.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Catch up Part 5 -- SKYDIVING!!!

This cost a lot of money...but don't they just look so happy to give it away?!!

Signing my life away

Doing little practice exercise and I passed with flying colors!!

This is Pat. He said he had jumped thousands of times, so I had no problem jumping out of a plane attached to him.

My moral support :) This is Alison, me, and Kim.

The Skydiving Crew: Kevin, Andrew, Tommy, me, Wyatt, Alyssa, Kelsey, and Katie.

Thats right!! This is me in the air :)

We have certificates to prove it!!

We are so cool.

Catch up Part 4

This is the last Ward Wrap up (the meeting on sunday evenings). From the left there is Phil, me, Kim, Ryan, and Jason.

This is a bunch of people from my ward after the last Ward Wrap up!

With Dining Plus there are many options for locations to eat. The skyroom in the Wilk is one of them but none of us really ate there much so we went there for lunch on one of the finals days. It was pretty good food but nothing super special. I'd say that it is over-rated but it was fun to eat there with my friends! This is me, Diana, and Clarissa.

When i was checking out, I had to take the legs off my bed. As you can see, all of my stuff is on top and i was trying to pull up on the bed frame. Ya, i know this was not my brightest moment. Luckily Elizabeth and Kim helped out. Oh ya, and Alison was on the floor pulling down on the legs. It was truly a group effort.

Yoasis, a frozen yogurt place right by Helaman Halls, opened up a couple months before the end of school. Quite frankly, the yogurt by itself isn't very good. But when you add the fresh fruit it is so good!! This is Jason Orme, Ryan Orme, Will, me, Kim, and Jared Tate.

We had a bonfire after classes were over and just before finals. A few guys had some couched they bought from D.I. so we burned them and then got a bunch of crates.

This is Jason, Kim, me, and Alison on bonfire night!
So...notice a pattern?? Some girls on my floor decided that finalsweek should be dress up week. I am sad to report that I did not dress up every day, but I made this one! It is obviously black and white day :)

Out to eat together for the last time at Legends Grill. This is Diana, Alison, me, Sara Callan, Megan, Kelsey, Jill, Sara Michael, Kim, Elizabeth, and Anne.

Catch up Part 3 -- Hiking the Y

I hiked the Y many times. This time I went with a group of girls from my floors. There was still a bit of snow but it was really fun!

This is what we like to call Pride rock....enough said.

So Kim hiked the Y with her dad at the beginning of the year and she went upside down on the Y...so of course i had to try it :) It was a bit scarier than i anticipated but it was really cool. I definitely suggest it to anyone who gets up there!

This is Michael Nelson and Jason Orme.
On Dridays, me and Alison only had one class so at the end of the semester we hiked the Y with some guys in our ward and ate some subway sandwiches and pistashios at the top.