Dana's Show

Friday, May 8, 2009

Trip to OHIO!!

Right after Finals, I got to fly out to Ohio and spend time with Bren, Brenna, and Eli. Elise's sister Canda got married so she flew out to Utah with baby Ezra and I went to Ohio :) They are very funny kids and I had a great time with them!! Unfortunately I didn't get to see baby Ezra but I'm glad I got to go out there.

Since I was out there, I got to Visit Kirtland. I went on a mini tour and also watched the little movie about the saints' lives there. If you're wondering about the picture of cement blocks connected, I just thought that was cool because the Saints worked together to build that Temple.

I also got to go Visit Kim in her small hometown of Wadsworth, Ohio...its a suburb of Akron. Anyways, she took me to her favorite places to eat including: Casa Mia for dinner, Bedingers for ice cream, and Bob Evans for breakfast. Then she drove me around her town showing me where she grew up. One of the best parts was going through her picture books, it was so fun to see her!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Easter Festivities

Elizabeth's family came down for Easter to her Grandma's house where they hold a huge Easter BBQ so some of the roomies went too.

For Easter Sunday, we went up to my Finley Grandparents for dinner. One of my roommates, Kim, came up with me too :) Yes that is Tricia in the pictures too. She is graduating early and was in Utah for about a month stay with me and Erin and Ryan.

MOAB half

I ran the half-marathon in MOAB with my sisters :) Of the 7 girls now in my family 5 of us ran it. The other two were pregnant at the time in their third trimester so i guess you could say we excused them. It was good for me because it got me to get into shape. I started training right after Christmas and it was good going on long runs with friends.

Last Bits BYU

We went to the hunger banquet at the WILK. It was really cool to learn more about the conditions of people throughout the world. By admission, certain percentages were classified as 'poor,' 'middle class,' and 'upper class.' Accordingly, everyone got to sit and eat as people in that class really do. So yup, we were poor and sat on the ground. Then we got to share one small bowl of beans and some chips for the four of us. It was a great experience. From left to right is Christine (great new roommate that came Winter Semester), Elizabeth, Kim, and me.

I made sure to get good use out of my All-Sports pass and went to the majority of the Basketball games. This group of girls are the ones that I will be living with in the fall...kinda. We are all from freshman year and will be living in The Colony within i think 3 different apartments. I can't wait!

This is my ward from the Riviera. We had some good times, but I'm definitely looking forward to moving South of campus.

We had some great friends over for Kim's Birthday party. Around the same time, Kim was in charge of taking her sister's Engagement photos so I went to help and then they took some of us...haha

The following are from the Festival of the Colors...i forget what religion its for but pretty much there is a lot of singing and trowing colored powdered chalk at people. Loved it! I wish we could have gotten there earlier but next year we'll just have to leave earlier...definitely worth it!

To spice it up during Final's week, we participate in Spirit Week. Created last year in our Freshman ward. We've loved every Final's week since! This featured day is HAT DAY :)

These are the very girls that made freshman year so great...this is the Freshman reunion at Brother Wade's

Elizabeth has a family member that is sick and to show her support she set up a time to donate blood and invited anyone who wanted to do it with her...it was the second time giving blood for me and thought i'd have no problem. Wrong. I guess I got up too soon from the bed. I started eating the free snacks and then I started feeling very warm, started sweating, apparently got very white, and started loosing my hearing. So, I got to lay on the ground for awhile. Great experience. Before this, i was thinking of making some extra cash by selling my plasma. I'm not so sure about that anymore.

I will now say goodbye to BYU education. Now, on to Dental Hygiene!!