Dana's Show

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Week 9/23

Still, I don't understand how to write next to the picture I'm talking about. Oh well. This first one I believe was taken on Wednesday. There was a chance of snow in Provo but it only snowed in the mountains. I couldn't believe that it happened already, in September! This second one is the first snow AT SCHOOL. There were actual flakes for about a half hour here in Provo on Saturday afternoon but it didn't stick. It was soooo cold. I think I need more clothes that are warm because bundling up uses up all my clothes. This last picture is to feature my latest purchase. On the floor by my bed you can see my $6 toaster!! I used it tonight to make a delicious toasted turkey and cheese sandwich with a ranch spread. I think it was a great investment. Erin took me shopping for a few hours on Saturday (before the snow here). Today I went to the MTC to do the phone calls for like two hours. It was kinda nerve racking at first but then it was fun. Pretty much everyone's phone went to the message machine but occasionally I actually got to talk to someone. The best news of all this week is that I did very well on my Biology test. I studied tons for it all week and it actually paid of! Now i have to catch up on all my other classes because I focused so my on biology.

Sunday, September 23, 2007


Some people keep telling me to update my blog so here ya go. I've been having a blast here at BYU. I went to Freshman Orientation and was in my Freshman Academy group throughout the entire thing. It was so good because I met lots of people. I met this girl named Anne from my Freshman Academy group and she is roommates with my roommate's friend from back home. My roommate is Jessica Parker and she couldn't be more amazing. We get along so well and we definitely relate to each other. She has four really close friends here and one in Salt Lake doing the Extension program there. I hang out with them sometimes but I also do stuff with the girls on my floor. I haven't been doing so great on excersizing and those vending machines have been very tempting...so I've decided to set a few guidelines. (Like I can't have three ice cream cones from the canon center in one day like I did a few days ago.) I've been pretty tired lately cause sleep hasn't been high up there on my priority list. I'm thinking I might be a little lactose intolerant because I've been having a lot of dairly lately and I didn't feel very well last night. It was a good thing though because I finally sat down by myself and understood my biology and american heritage reading. I've been doing fairly well in most of my classes but I'm still trying to make sure I set time aside for each of my classes. It is tricky trying to fit everything in. I am on the Activities Committee for my ward so if you have any ideas for ward activities that you think would be inexpensive and fun please let me know. I guess we don't really have a large budget. I still don't understand how to outline these blogs but I'll try to attatch some pictures.

These are some friends of mine from my floor. We are at the Legends grill which is amazing! So far I've tried the pizza, sandwich, burger, and cookie. In order from left to right is Kim (from Ohio), Rachel, Carla, me, and Diana. My floor gets along extremely well and we do tons together.

This is what my RA put on my door for my birthday. I didn't want to tell anyone cause I thought that would be weird but after this, of course everyone new. It was a really fun day.