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Monday, May 12, 2008

Part 2 of Catch up...

Dorm Life!!
These are my wall decorations that I made during Christmas break. I didn't get the chance to print off very many photos for them. Also displayed on my wall are some BYU sports teams :)
Kinda late in the semester, Jessica and I started our own quote wall.
Me and Jessica snuggled up for a movie!!
Jill giving me a piggy back/scooter ride down to my room. It was a great service.
Our nap time on my bed :) Especially toward the end of the semester, Kim and I would take little naps in the afternoon.

Bike Time!
We were in need of a car late one night so we rode my bike over to Jessica's sister's place (Kerri). I peddled and Jessica sat on my little seat at the end of my bike for the whole way there.
Since it was so much fun, Kimberly took a turn on the way back after we had dropped the car off.
...then Kim took a turn.

Random Pictures
One of many moments shared in Kim's room.
Kara, me, Anne, and Kim enjoy the Canc!!

General Conference Weekend

Kim got ticket to the Saturday Afternoon Session of General Conference, but because of the Solemn Assembly we wanted to get into the morning session as well. We drove up to Salt Lake in the morning with signs and each of us held them up at the corner of the streets. Jessica and I didn't have my luck, but thanks to Kim and Elizabeth the four of us got in to both sessions!
Jessica, me, Kim, and Elizabeth at the Conference Center
After the afternoon session, we went to visit with Grandma and Grandpa Dixon. Then we drove to Heber for the rest of the weekend. Our friend, Kelsey lives there and invited us to watch the Sunday sessions at her house. It felt great to actually be in a real house

Me trying to pet Kelsey's horse.
Elizabeth, Jessica, Kim, and me watching General Conference.
Elizabeth, me, Kelsey, Kim, Alison, and Jessica taking a break in between sessions. I was out on the tramp for like an hour and I got pretty burnt...but only on half my face.

Indoor Football League
Jessica's friend, Drew, got free tickets to a professional indoor football game so I went with Kim, Kimberly, Jessica, and Drew's friends. Before I went, I must admit I had no idea such a thing even existed. It was really fun with these people though.
Kim, me, Jessica, and Kimberly and the Game!
Me and Kim at the Game :)
Jessica driving with Style. It does look like she kinda posed for this but I just had the camera ready when she turned around. Lucky Her!! But really, shes a great driver.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Winter Semester 2008!!!

I know its been awhile...again. BUT, now that i've made my blog more colorful I think 'll update more often. To make up for all of the lost time, I will share the highlights of my winter semester at BYU.

Awww the Sports

My floor put together a basketball team we call "The Order." This is Sara Michael, one of our very supportive fans. She is obviously upset over what must have been a bad call...
Sometimes she just has to take a moment :)
The Team Dads (Jared Tate and Micahel Nelson) came through for us on a great game. They brought us orange slices in ziplock baggies and caprisons! This is Lindsay, me, Kara, Carla, Anne, Jared, Michael, Sara Callan, Kelsey, Emily, and Diana and Katie are on the floor.

Now to REAL College Sports
This was the last Home basketball Game.
This is our cheering section!! Sara Callan, Kelsey, Jill, Anne, Katie, Sara Michael, Kim, and Alison and I are below.

Cheering on the Men's Volleyball Team!!

Men's Volleyball Fans


Kara's Birthday!! We went to Mimi's Cafe. This is Kara and her birthday cake slice!
Kate, me, and Alison enjoying Kara's Birthday

Kim's Birthday!! A bunch of girls from my floor went to Olive Garden to Celebrate.
And when she got back, her room was decorated. So, the next day when she had all these balloons on her floor, I took it upon myself to create a masterpiece. I stuck all of the balloons to her wall!!

Alison's Birthday!! We surprised her by decorating her room while she was gone.
This is Rachel, Sara Michael, Kelsey, Kim, Jen, Elizabeth, and Emily Grace.
Diana's Birthday!! We also surprised her when she came in the door.
A group of us went bowling at Fat Cats one night and they are just amazing at taking pictures. There is Kelsey, Jared, me, and Claire.
This was a fun group. There is Kelsey, Claire, Jared, Tommy, and me. Apparently Claire and Jared missed the memo of normal smiles...
This is Kim's friend, Natalie, from Ohio. She goes to Utah State and I was very close to going to Vegas with her and Kim for a little weekend vacation. It didn't work out but she is a fun girl.

Valentine's Day
Naturally, on Valentine's day a group of friends from my floor went out to eat. I'm not exactly a huge fan of Valentine's day so I decided to not wear red or pink. But, Kim said i had to have a good attitude so I conformed to the standard pink. Then, I saw that everyone else put their jackets on so I ended up looking like I loved Valentine's day. Oh well. We went to Costa Vida which was very tasty. I'd have to say its very similar to Cafe Rio but Cafe Rio is slightly better.
I lived on the second floor and the laundry room is all the way in the basement. Usually i save up my laundry for a few weeks and then do like four loads. This particular day, I had already brought up a couple loads and went down to get the rest. But, i forgot my laundry basket. Seeing how the basked was two floors above, I decided to see if I could carry two loads of laundry up the stairs. I did it!! And i just had to show someone so I pushed on Alison's door and guess what happened to be handy?? Her camera :) haha

Family Home Evening
Below is my FHE group. Right to left is Rob, Kim (mom), Emily, Stephen, Michael, Jason, Wyatt (dad), me, and Diana. We usually went on little outings such as this. We looked around at dead animals in the Bean Museum!!
This is another one of our outings. Ice Skating!! There is Eric, me, Tommy, Kim, Diana, Jason, Wyatt, Stephen, Emily, and Anna.
No matter what this looks like, I am actually holding them up...they are just about to bring me down though.... Diana is a pro cause she uses her own skates and can do the little twirley things and some jumps. It was fun to watch her. Every now and then i would try to spin in circles but that often left me barely catching myself from full body contact with the ice...so i left the fancy stuff to Diana.
As you can see, it was pretty busy on FHE night. This is Kim, Tommy, me, and Diana.