Dana's Show

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cornbelly's Corn Maze

Last time we went to visit Erin and Ryan (aka babysit Kherington), they mentioned this corn maze and of course they knew about a discount for the tickets :) Michelle happened to be coming down that weekend so we headed to the Cornbelly's Corn Maze with her friend Sharee, Jamie Turner's brothers (Jamie was one of my favorite leaders in Young Womens), and Mandy and her friend Joyce. What a blast. Seriously.

spencer, Me, Michelle, Sharee, Nathan

This is us in the middle of the corn maze....We decided to go without the clues and just guess all the right turns. Bad idea. We thought we were doing super good because we came up to these stairs and thought it was the exit of the corn maze. Wrong. We were pretty much at the furthest point from the exit. But, one plus was that the stairs led up to a bridge so we knew very well how off we were. I admit we kinda cheated getting back. We hopped down under the bridge and made a B-line for the exit...trial or no (mostly no). After cutting through all the corn stalks we were free! In my defense, we were never told not to do that so its not technically cheating. We didn't want to run out of time to do all the other fun stuff :)

This was one of the many attractions...wooden planks to put your head were all over. I forgot to mention that the corn maze was just the biggest thing there...not the best. There were lots of other great things on a grass field outside the corn maze.

Michelle and Sharee, making up for lost time...separated by freshman year at college.

More amazing things that made this my most exciting weekend thus far:
This is the best bike ever. I want one.

It was so fun for me to get to hang out with Michelle! I was home all summer with her, but I didn't feel like I ever got to see her. Between working 45-60 hour weeks and going to Single's Ward things and her trying to get in every last minute with her buddies before college, we didn't have much time together. Anyways, long way to say I missed her and LOVED the corn maze with her :)

Friday, October 2, 2009

Great Day

This fall has been nothing but great so far. I'm loving being back in provo, hanging out with my friends and starting out my new school. This week was super hard with school cause I took my first tests not knowing what to expect. I've been waking up at 6 to get things done before school, mostly continuing my cramming sessions but sometimes going for runs. But now I'm on my weekend cause I don't have school Fridays. My schedule is pretty good, I do start at 8am Mon-Thurs but it hasn't been to bad cause I'm coming from flagging all summer and I had to wake up early for that. Its funny I never thought I'd miss flagging, especially being so happy here, but there are times when i miss those people. Haha, I've been in contact with on of my buddies from work and he assures me all is well. Also my boss randomly called me today and told me he met with the Kokomo residents (the street that I stood at the top of just about the whole time I was on the job). He said they were planning to plant flowers and discussing that...then the residents started asking why I left and how I was doing. He told them I was a good employee but headed back to school. Made my day :) So then my boss, Greg, said that the crew I usually flagged for started saying they missed me too. I'm flattered, these guys may be a little rough around that edges but they are super nice!
Here is me in my glory days, haha. This is from one of the times my mom sent siblings with frozen treats for the crew :) what a great mom! And so nice of Robin and Tricia to come visit too. And yes,I often rocked the ponytails.