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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Week of October 21

I went to the Preference Dance of Friday and it was pretty fun in the scheme of dances I have attended. The girls I hang out with are amazing!! Other than that, I tried to study hard this week because this coming week is going to be REALLY hard. I will pretty much have to lock myself in the library.

This is Kim, Alison and Me after the Preference Dance: Kim is Deb, Alison is Richard Simmon's client, and I am a Pirate!

Diana, Kim, me, and Alison on our way to pick up Cafe Rio for our dinners :) Matt, me, Carla, and Curis after dinner
Me, Alison (she tends to close her eyes during pics), Kim, Rachel, and Carla
Me, Alison, Rachel, Diana, Carla, and Kim in the "Burrow" (Kim and Diana's room) where we always hang out...we took that couch from the Mez but they haven't notice yet...
On our way to pick up Cafe Rio!
Me, Alison, Kim, Rachel, Carla, (and Curtis who wasn't supposed to be in the pic)...oh well
Kim and Me (and kim's date "Napolean" is behind us: they were in perfect character)
We had a huge group of 22 people (two couples left before this pic...including Diana :(

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Week of October 14

Rachel and I
Anne and I
Rachel, me, Kim, and Rachel Davis
Diana, Kim, Me, Alison, and Anne The first three are from the football game against Eastern Washington who got creamed. It was super cold so i left after the third quarter and it started to snow!! I'm pretty sure we got a good two inches. I was so cold that I jumped in the shower just for the warm water. The last picture is from my first rugby game. It kinda looks like we were just on the grass by ourselves posing but I promise the game is behind us. I'm going to the preference dance with a guy named Matt and am still taking suggestions as to who we should go as. Thats about it for the week. Bren, I heard about the indian's loss cause Kim was pretty bumed about it. I'll fill you in next week.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Week of October 7

I think I already told you about General Conference at Erin's house but here are some pictures of us making breakfast. The first one is Kim and I working on the french toast. The second one is Alison, Diana, me and Carla all working in the kitchen.

I spent the first half of my week studying for American Heritage and I guess I did well comparatively. Then, starting Thursday I had tons of fun! A bunch of girls from my floor got together to do some aerobics...80's style.

We got cool BYU wrist bands-me and KimFrom left to right: Kim, Rachel, me, Carla, and Alison

This is me and Carla

On friday, I went up to Salt Lake to the volleyball game. It was a bargain: $10 for a bus ride, shirt, pizza, candy, and drinks! When I came back from that, I went to watch a movie with some people from my freshman academy group...but someone came to tell us to stop so we just told some stories till pretty early in the morning.

Saturday was my ward activity of games and country dancing. It was fun for the first hour or so but I am pretty bad at it. I did get flipped a few times which was pretty scary but fun.

This weekend was also stake conference and the talks were all good. I have a Book of Mormon test coming up this week so I was studying it with some friends. Thats about it!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

General Conference Week

This has been a very hectic week. I had a lot of big assignments and tests so I didn't get out much. For FHE we went to Chiles. My leader's dad owns the italian restaurant Maggianos so we got free appetizers at Chiles since Chiles and Maggianos are somehow connected. It was alright but I'm not sure I'd pay to go back there. I'd rather go to the Olive Garden.

My friend Diana and I are on Erin's volleyball team and we are in tournament right now and its lots of fun. If our team and my roommate's team both win this next game, we will be playing each other for the championship. That would be interesting.

For Conference today, I invited some of my friends over to Erin's to have breakfast and watch it on the T.V. It was nice to make my own meal for the first time in awhile. I basically stayed at Erin's house all day (even after my friends left) today but it felt good to be by myself and get some stuff done in my church classes.

Conference was really good. I payed attention much better than usual because I'm in the Living Prophet Class.

I have an American Heritage test coming up and I've heard the tests are pretty much impossible so I've got to study really hard.

I don't have any pictures from this week so I'll add some from my east coast trip.