Dana's Show

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Post Halloween Fun

School has really picked up, coming closer to the end of semester. I have been working on my Dental hygiene application to the Utah College of Dental Hygiene and I almost have everything submitted. I really hope I get in! The next step is an interview sometime in December.

This is at the last home game of the season!

I've been on a flag football team this semester...we made it to the final four. Last night we lost our game though :(

Anne just had her birthday and her mom sent her a bunch of movies. One of the them was "A Little Princess." Its been so long since I've seen it! So we had a "A Little Princess" party with girls from last year. Look at all these princesses!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Spooktacular :)

I had a blast this weekend! Anne, Alison, Diana, and I dressed up as Whos. These footy pajamas were from Target and I fully plan on using them this winter...they are very warm :)

Anne, Nate, Alison, Me, Shawn, and Diana
AKA: Who, Newsie, Who, Who, Man down on his luck, Who

These are mine and Alison's Hometeachers..glad to know they are spirited!

WHOS!! Don't we look great?!

We had a dress up ward party on Halloween night which was planned out so well. Almost everyone that went was dressed up so well. We had shrek and fiona (the engaged couple in our ward), the incredibles, gangsters, barbie and ken, fruit the loom, cruella devil, penquine, arctic swimmer, and many more. One of my hometeachers, Blake, was in charge of the activity and he planned a really fun scavenger hunt. We ran around provo (no cars allowed) and you had to cound the honks you get cause the counted for points. I was exhausted after running that whole time...and super hot in my onsey. My group got second, but it was a really good scavenger hunt. Then after our halloween party we frosted sugar cookies and ate way too many of them. What a great weekend!
Yummy sugar cookies and frosting, complement of Anne. Here is Daniel, Diana, Me, Emily, and Anne. Daniel is my other hometeacher, I really have made some great friends!!